Multi-function Vegetable Peeler Potato Carrot Grater Cucumber Carrot Fruit Cutter Peeler Stainless Steel



  • The peeler is designed to make the thinnest slices of fruits and vegetables.
  • This means no longer wasting large pieces of cucumbers, carrots or potatoes!
  • They are so sharp that even the tough skin of the terrible butternut squash can meet the requirements! Now, don’t waste time and energy preparing dishes with a knife.
  • Just slide the cossette blade onto any vegetable, and you will prepare the perfect matchstick in a few seconds.
  • The coleslaw and salad couldn’t be better. This means no more boring time to chop and cut! That’s great!
  • This tool can cut the peeling time in half.
  • This versatile kitchen magician can slice, chop, shave, peel, grate, grooves and decorations.
  • This peeler is a handy tool in the kitchen to prepare onions, potatoes, carrots and all your favorite vegetables quickly and easily.


  • Specification:
  • Net weight:90g
  • Size:18*8.8(cm)
  • Material: stainless steel