Soft Duster Brush Dust Cleaner Can’t Lose Hair Static Dusting Brush Suitable for Home Car Air Conditioning Furniture Cleaning



FLEXIBLE – The inner core is made of thick and durable material, but it is easily bent into any shape. Give it a right angle to dust the top of the rack or make a circle at the end to clean the upper and lower fan blades at the same time.
SOFT – The soft fibers conform to the surface and spread to cover the maximum amount of surface. The hairy, synthetic material is safe for any material surface and will pick up dust harmlessly.
WASHABLE – Rinse with water, or wash with dish soap when dirty. Maintenance is simple, and because it washes clean when a wipe is needed it will last for years.
Overall length 60 cm. Handle length 21.5 cm
Package: 1x Static Duster