Stainless Steel Hair Comb Professional Nit Head Hair Lice Comb Long Steel Teeth – MultiColor


Professional Hair Comb Stainless Steel Head Hair Lice Comb Fine Toothed Flea Flee With Handle Hairbrush  For Tools
Scope of application: Beauty carding tools.

Ultra-dense spacing steel needle, fine and rounded at the end, can penetrate into the bottom of hair, absolutely not hurt hair and skin.

Combing the villus can effectively remove the pet fleas at the same time. Color plastic handle with round end, anti-skid design.

Easy to hold, labor-saving and convenient. Clean the spacing of the comb with a brush before use. If there is dust or miscellaneous in the comb room

Things can affect the effect of flea removal. Keep the needle room clean. When fleas are combed out, they are immediately put into a basin filled with soapy water.

Rinse and soak in it, suffocating it to death.